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Now the meta could possibly change with the Warzone DMR patch that is finally live. In the weeks since the December merge, one or two weapons have come to the fore. Yes, we're talking about the DMR.

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Download free ready-made macros and scripts with installation both on a regular mouse and keyboard, and on game devices A4tech, Bloody and others. All macros with detailed instructions for use.

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Warzone solos player kills 44 people, sets Fortune’s Keep world record Ian Boudreau A PC gamer since the 1980s, Ian enjoys strategy games, RPGs, and FPS classics like Unreal.

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Here's the best Tactical Rifle in Warzone DMR-14 CARV2 Type 63 AUG (Cold War) M16 DMR-14 - Best Tactical Rifle in Warzone The DMR was a menace in earlier Cold War seasons. After a few months of balance patches though, it's no longer quite so oppressive. Its time-to-kill is rock solid at most ranges, but semi-automatic fire can be unforgiving. The DMR tactical rifle was one of the top meta weapons in Warzone during the latter half of 2020. Combined with the Mac-10, many Warzone players could be found running around Verdansk with very.

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